CME/CE Podcasts

Allergy & Immunology CME/CE

Antimicrobial Stewardship CME/CE

Anxiety CME/CE

Asthma CME/CE

Alternative Medicine CME/CE

Behavioral Health CME/CE

Best Urgent Care CME/CE

Bioterrorism CME/CE

Bridging the Gap

Cannabis CME/CE

Cardiology CME/CE

Child Abuse CME/CE

Clinician Wellness CME/CE

Contraception CME/CE

Controlled Substances CME/CE


Coronavirus CME/CE

Cultural Competency CME/CE

Dementia CME/C

Dependent Adult Abuse CME/CE

Depression CME/CE

Dermatology CME/CE

Diabetes CME/CE

Domestic Violence CME/CE

Dyslipidemia CME/CE

EHR Proficiency CME/CE

Emergency Medicine CME/CE

End of Life & Palliative Care CME/CE

Endocrinology CME/CE

Environmental Medicine Toxicology CME/CE

Ethics CME/CE

Expiring CME/CE

Free Stroke CME/CE


Gastroenterology CME/CE

Genomics CME/CE

Geriatrics CME/CE

Headache CME/CE

Health Technology CME/CE

Heart Failure CME/CE

Hematology & Oncology CME/CE

Hepatology CME/CE


Hospice Care CME/CE

Hypertension CME/CE

Infection Control CME/CE

Infectious Diseases CME/CE

Keynote CME/CE


LGBTQ Cultural Competency & Humility CME/CE

Lifestyle Medicine CME/CE


Medical Updates CME/CE

Menopause CME/CE

Men's Health CME/CE

Mental Health Resources CME/CE

MOC CME Courses

Modes of Transmission CME/CE

Nephrology CME/CE

Neurology CME/CE

Non-pharmacologic Pain Management & Implantable Devices CME/CE

Obesity Medicine CME/CE


Opioid CME/CE

Ophthalmology CME/CE

Orthopedics CME/CE

Osteoporosis CME/CE

Otolaryngology CME/CE

Pain Management CME/CE

Pediatrics CME/CE

Population Health CME/CE

Practice Management CME/CE

Preventive Medicine CME/CE

Procedures, Surgery & Perioperative Medicine CME/CE 

Psychiatry CME/CE

Public Health Priority CME/CE

Pulmonology CME/CE

Rheumatology CME/CE

Screening & Prevention CME/CE

Sexual Assault CME/CE

Sexual Health CME/CE

Sleep Medicine CME/CE

Thyroid Disease CME/CE

Travel Medicine CME/CE

Trending Activities CME/CE

Universal Precautions CME/CE

Urgent Care CME/CE

Urology CME/CE

Vascular CME/CE

Women's Health CME/CE

  • Sit in on live sessions with world-class clinicians-educators and professors from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Engage in interactive Q&A with faculty, learn evidence based strategies in primary care, and earn state-mandated credits across a range of therapeutic areas.
  • Fit your CME/CE into your busy schedule without sacrificing the quality of your educational experience.

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Primary Care Bootcamp for NPs and PAs was created by clinicians who understand the unique challenges advanced practice providers face when entering practice. Through a curated curriculum that goes beyond traditional CME/CE, you'll learn strategies to get from intake to diagnosis and initial management, all while achieving balance as a newly practicing clinician. 

Mental Health Essentials equips primary care clinicians with the training you need to address mental health concerns commonly seen in primary care confidently and compassionately. Learn from psychiatrists and primary care clinicians who understand the essential role primary care clinicians play in the successful mental health care in a convenient and flexible format. 

Cardiology Essentials is a focused and flexible on-demand CME curriculum led by cardiologists who understand the unique role primary care clinicians play in successful cardiovascular care. With one-year access, you'll enhance your confidence in making informed decisions, interpreting cardiac tests, and initiating appropriate treatments or referrals through on-demand video courses, a library of downloadable resources, and Q&A with faculty.