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An increasing number of patients are presenting with symptoms of asthma, but the path to an accurate diagnosis and effective management is seldom a straight line. Our asthma care CME/CE sessions offer evidence-based strategies, innovative decision tools, and expert insights to assist you in delivering personalized and effective treatment plans. New to Pri-Med? Create your free account in less than 60 seconds and start earning credits now.

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“Not all wheezing is asthma,” Chevalier Jackson, MD, famously quipped. Making an accurate asthma diagnosis and then developing an effective treatment plan can be challenging. Pri-Med is here to help. We invite you to explore our collection of CME/CE sessions to take the uncertainty out of diagnosing and managing this condition. 

Our vast assortment of CME/CE conferences and courses on asthma deliver education that helps you develop the following actionable skills and knowledge.

• Understand the varying symptom patterns that can present in asthma
• Take a deep dive into the therapeutic combinations that can best lower the risk of exacerbations and mortality for each patient type
• Explore strategies for assessing adherence, inhaler technique, and risk for adverse outcomes 
• Learn communication skills that improve shared decision-making to improve patients’ adherence rates 

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