Continuing Medical Education

At Pri-Med, we offer a variety of high-quality learning formats. Choose from 400+ continuing medical education courses available on demand, or attend our live virtual and in-person conferences. New to Pri-Med? Create your free account in less than 60 seconds and start earning credits now. 

Virtual Continuing Medical Education Conferences

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In-Person Continuing Medical Education Conferences

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 Since 1995, we’ve worked to create a better way for primary care clinicians to access continuing medical education and insights to improve patient care. We partner with expert advisors, renowned clinician-educators, and world-class academics, to provide conferences, content, and courses—whenever and wherever medical professionals need it. Create your account today and access a wide selection of high-quality continuing medical education including:

  • Hundreds of on-demand courses
  • Monthly live virtual conferences 
  • 12 in-person conferences with highly acclaimed keynote speakers 
  • Weekly podcast releases, where we discuss the latest medical developments