Pri-Med South - Primary Care CME/CE Conference & Expo

Fort Lauderdale, FL | February 9-11, 2023

Greater Ft. Lauderdale/ Broward County Convention Center

Wife and Death


Laughter isn’t the best medicine, but it sure does help. Join Will and Kristin Flanary as they take you on their harrowing journey of life, death, medicine, and comedy.

Learning Objectives

Review the importance of bystander CPR

Discuss why humor is such a powerful coping mechanism

Recognize the impact that medical trauma has on “co-survivors”


Will Flanary, MD

Will Flanary is an ophthalmologist and part time comedian who moonlights in his free time as “Dr. Glaucomflecken,” a social media personality who creates medical-themed comedy shorts to an audience of over 2.5 million across social media. His humor h...

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Kristin Flanary, MA

Kristin Flanary, MA was formally trained in cognitive neuroscience and social psychology and now works in marketing and communications at a university-based center for academically advanced students. She and her ophthalmologist husband, Dr. Will Flan...

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